Warehousing Services

Blue Horse Shipping - specializes in offering warehouse services as per customer's requirements. Currently we are offering services for clients requiring exclusive Warehouse Space with storage ranging from week to 2 months and arranging Domestic and Exim Cargo movement. We facilitate this using Customs Bonded Warehouses and have expertise in arranging Private Warehouses based on customized client requirements.

New Generation of Shipping


Reliability is "the" key to Success in logistics trade and Blue Horse team’s dedication ensures that their customer relationships are built through creation and fostering of such Reliable Services. Blue Horse has industry class systems and procedures to ensure a full life cycle of trading cycle. Blue Horse has Strategic partnerships and all necessary industry relationships in place to get the infrastructure necessities sorted on time and within budget.

Business Excellence

Blue Horse team members have pioneered the art of successful delivery management in freight movements and have enviable track record to their credit in the industry.It is their combines experience and joint vision to build a world class freight management company and serving the fast growing markets in India initially and globally eventually,